April Acoustics by Design Installation News

Dialog Semiconductors - Swindon

As part of the continuing refurbishment of their premises Acoustics by Design are providing advice and solutions to Dialog.

The latest solution includes using dropdown door thresholds to reduce the noise from a noisy comms room and a reSorb wall to prevent noise from a breakout area disturbing the occupants of their open plan office.

Acoustics by Design offer consultancy in a range of acoustic issues from specific noise problems to planning of new offices. Dialog are just one of the businesses that benefit from our advice. Good office acoustics save money and improve productivity.

Prometric - Dundalk, Ireland

Prometric develop exams and tests for a variety of professional global organisations.

Prometric moved in to a new three story office in Dundalk. They were concerned that noise in the contact centre would affect their staff's work and the quality of the calls with their customers.

Initially the Lencore sound masking was to cover the contact centre but was extended to cover the client meeting rooms giving privacy to each. The background sound was measured at less than 29 dB(A), not untypical of a modern open plan office. By artificially raising the background sound with sound masking the call conversations are limited to a small radius of approximately 5 m.

Working with our Partners Walls To Workstations in Dublin and AWN Consulting, Acoustics by Design were chosen to deliver this solution following of our previous work at ICON and Warner Chilcott.