Arthritis Research UK, London

Arthritis Research reSorb Islands1
Arthritis Research reSorb Islands2

Having recently combined with Arthritis Care and moved in to new offices in London, Arthritis Research UK found their meeting rooms designed for video conferencing had too much echo, affecting the quality of calls.

The entire office is open plan incorporating a team of call handlers. The noise from this team was disturbing the other staff nearby and conversely noise from the general office made some calls difficult to hear for the call handlers.

Acoustics by Design proposed installing reSorb Islands in the VC rooms to reduce the reverberation (echo) and a combination of absorption and sound masking in the open plan office.

With calculation the required amount of sound absorption was determined. In the VC rooms the only treatable surface available was the ceiling and because all three rooms opened up to one large room the islands are located to maintain a consistent aesthetic.

The sound masking was installed using ceiling mounted speakers due to the open soffit with surface run cables. The masking is zoned to allow for different levels in each area and timers allow for different occupation levels through the day.