reSorb Ceiling Islands Installation at McKay Securities / CBS Interiors

Following a significant refurbishment of building 329 in Bracknell overseen by CBS, Acoustics by Design have installed a number of reSorb acoustic ceiling islands in the ground floor breakout area.

The building provides serviced offices to a diverse number of companies; the ground floor incorporates meeting rooms and a breakout area to be used by staff and visitors.

However, as is common with most canteen/restaurant areas, the surfaces are hard and reflect sound. When busy the space was noisy and the echo made conversing difficult even at short distances.

The reSorb ceiling islands enhance the aesthetic by fitting in with the large circular lights. They are suspended beneath the structural concrete ceiling to absorb noise on both the top and bottom surfaces.

The reverberation was measured and the required number of islands was calculated to give a comfortable acoustic. Too many islands would give an acoustically “dead” feel, too quiet for the purpose.