reSorb at Nationwide Hire, Fareham

Acoustics by Design sound absorbtion
Acoustics by Design sound absorbtion

Nationwide Hire are an equipment and plant broker. Their business relies on its call centre function to deliver services to clients.

The offices in Fareham have suffered from noise with many operators on the phone at any time. Acoustics by Design conducted a site survey, recommended a number of solutions that could be applied in order to maximise benefit for least cost. The solutions recommended also took account of the company's likely move to new premises in 2018 such that the solutions can be relocated.

Initially a number of printed reSorb Panels have been installed in conjunction with reSorb Islands. The walls and ceiling are busy so precise sizing was essential but with an eye for design to keep the look clean.
Nationwide Hire selected the images they wanted to be printed on the wall panels and the results can be seen here.