It's been a busy summer

Acoustics by Design have been working with numerous companies both in the UK and Europe to solve their sound issues.

Genesis Housing - Chelmsford
A total of 43 reSorb sound absorbing walls were installed over three floors with Lencore sound masking on two floors. This completely refurbished office has a combination of open plan offices and meeting rooms. Working with Magenta Projects the offices have been designed to maximise the flexible working culture of Genesis Housing whilst retaining speech privacy in some areas and productive focussed work in the open offices.
Rockwell Collins
23,000 sq ft of the new Rockwell Collins' offices in Winnersh have Lencore sound masking installed. Following several meetings and a visit to an existing sound masking user, Rockwell Collins were able to establish a clear case for using sound masking to benefit their staff and improve productivity.
Acoustics by Design carried out works to sound proof the CEO's office at Sandgate. Previously conversations could be heard between the office and the adjacent meeting room. The solution involved improving the existing wall between the two and adding absorption in the form of reSorb to reduce the reverberation in both rooms.
Acoustics by Design previously treated their board room and when they moved to new premises in Basingstoke we were asked to do the same. Using the reSorb system with Camira fabrics, two large video conferencing room now have the correct acoustics to perform.
The new showroom and offices in London over five floors look fantastic and have been finished to a very high standard. Acoustics by Design offered advice and solutions to ensure there was enough absorption and privacy. One of the challenges was the concrete ceilings but this was dealt with using reSorb walls, strategically placed acoustic pods and high back furniture. There is also an area of the first floor that can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of sound masking.
Another company, formally Plastic Logic, asked us to re locate their Lencore sound masking from an existing building to a new building in Cambridge. This was achieved over a weekend to reduce disruption to the business.
Based in Amsterdam, Workiva contacted Acoustics by Design because of their noise issues and initially we gave advice based on photographs of the space and drawings. Subsequently a visit was arranged for Workiva to experience our solutions in a customer site nearby. The solutions were implemented over a weekend including sixteen acoustic ceiling islands suspended beneath the plasterboard ceiling.