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Welcome to Acoustics by Design -  We offer a fully qualified acoustics consultancy. Whilst trained in general acoustics, the focus is on offices and commercial interiors.

Acoustics by Design have developed products and solutions over the years to reduce noise issues where practical or efficient solutions did not exist. We are experienced in identifying acoustic issues and applying a combination of acoustic products to solve them. Working across Europe supporting both global companies and organisations as well as individual firms. Acoustics by Design regularly give briefings to companies, architects, designers and workplace consultants.

Acoustics by Design News

reSorb Pebbles

Wilberforce Chambers benefit from reSorb

Wilberforce are a leading commercial chambers with 66 specialist barristers housed at Lincoln’s Inn, London. Speech intelligibility is crucial to understanding their clients.

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ReSorb Art Wall Panels

Enterprise Holdings Acoustic Installation

Enterprise Holdings have extended their offices in Egham, Surrey fitting out three stories of mostly open plan offices but with large training rooms on the ground floor.

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Acoustics by Design Products

ReSorb Walls

reSorb Wall

An acoustically transparent fabric is stretched over a sound absorbing core. A variety of fabrics may be used including printed images.

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ReSorb Baffles and Islands

reSorb Baffles and Islands

As an alternative to a traditional drop ceiling the acoustic ceiling islands and baffles offer excellent sound absorbing properties as well as aesthetics.

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ReSorb Pebbles

reSorb Pebbles

reSorb Pebbles are manufactured from a polyether foam and are wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric from the Soft Touch and Blazer Lite ranges.

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ReSorb Art

reSorb Art

reSorb Art has been created to absorb sound at speech frequencies in meeting rooms, atriums, classrooms and offices. Comprising a sound absorbing core and an acoustically transparent top fabric.

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reSorb Screens and Pods

reSorb Screens and Pods

We work closely with established screen and furniture manufacturers to enhance the acoustic properties of widely available products such as office dividing screens, furniture and demountable pods.

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Sound masking

Sound Masking

Sound masking raises the natural background sound of a space to mask unwanted noise. A constant and carefully tuned background sound is not noticed by the occupants.

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